After a near death experience, Deborah Brunner was deeply motivated to change her life. She traded in her life of domestic violence and substance abuse for a incredible fulfilling life. Deborah's story, at least parts of it, is all too familiar in modern society. Where her story differs from most is not her will to live, which is remarkable, but beyond this point to a place where she picked up the pieces, reconnected with family, gained a degree and continues to flourish, putting tough life lessons into meaningful action. It is a story of triumph. 

Deborah's natural ability to engage and inspire will benefit anyone seeking to adapt, overcome and excel over adversity. Her motivating story and impassioned plea is that you too can rewrite your own narrative. Deborah will unveil her experiences using humor and a gentle touch, sharing insights and wisdom making her talks truly inspirational.

She believes we should assist and applaud the will to survive, take time to listen, and stand and cheer those who triumph in the face of insurmountable adversity.

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My mission is to help people live the life they desire.